We realise that you trust us with sensitive data and we take the privacy and security of your data seriously. Here's an overview of the measures we take to ensure security of your data.

Data Storage

All your data, including candidate data, is stored on Amazon’s servers in the United States. We take daily backups and have strict privacy controls in place to ensure data privacy.

Data Transfer

When your data is transferred to us, it’s encrypted and transferred over HTTPS. All of our API endpoints are served over HTTPS. Any files you upload to our servers are encrypted at rest.

Data Encryption

Customer data such as passwords and API Keys are encrypted at rest.

Access Logs

We do not access your data unless specifically requested by you to do so. Any such access is logged and audited.


All your payments are processed via Stripe. We don’t store billing data on our servers.

We also recommend you to read our privacy policy for more information.