Junior Copy Writer Job Description Template

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We are looking for talented word weavers with a eye for detail and a flair for eloquence. You will be joining our small but talented group of creatives fuelled by caffeine and passion. You will be mired in exciting and unique challenges. You will be designing marketing campaigns, editing copy, and polishing words to ultimately see them shine on the web and beyond.

As a junior copy writer you will be working in teams and assisting other people. You must possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills. A wide breadth of knowledge and a thirst for knowledge will surely get you extra points.


  • Create distinctive and engaging content for web and email campaigns
  • Proofread, edit and format content
  • Craft attention grabbing headlines, email subjects and banners
  • Write content for blogs and newsletters
  • Contribute in the design of marketing campaigns
  • Conduct market research
  • Create presentations for clients
  • Work with clients to understand their goals and help them succeed


  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to express ideas in the written form
  • Superb English vocabulary and an excellent grasp of grammar
  • A flair for out-of-the box thinking
  • Experience with industry standard layout and formatting tools
  • Well versed with the Chicago manual of style
  • Ability to work under pressure and deliver on deadlines
  • Expertise in digital marketing techniques and best practices
  • A warm and pleasing personality
  • Bachelor's degree in literature or a creative discipline
  • Previous experience, while not an absolute requirement, will be an added bonus