Food Technologist Job Description Template

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We are hiring experienced food technologists to join our product development and research teams. You will be working on new ideas and products. You will be involved with process optimization, product development and research. Knowledge of food production and packaging technologies is essential for this role. An aptitude for experimentation, meticulous record keeping and data analysis is just as important. Extensive knowledge of food combinations and a refined palate will certainly earn you extra credit.


  • Research, formulate and develop new foods and food additives
  • Refine existing formulations and production techniques
  • Set up sensory panels, conduct experiments and collect data
  • Develop and optimize production processes and packaging
  • Define formulation and process parameters for product development and manufacture
  • Ensure compliance with legal and food safety guidelines
  • Maintain records of tests, experiments and other documentation
  • Analyze experimental data and feedback to improve products and generate insights


  • Bachelor's or post graduate degree in food science, food engineering or a related discipline
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in food development, food safety or production
  • Knowledge of flavor systems
  • Sound understanding of production processes and packaging technologies
  • Extensive knowledge of raw ingredients and food stability
  • Knowledge of food safety standards and testing protocols
  • Must be detail oriented with strong analytical skills
  • Proficiency in office and industry standard software
  • Ability to work independently
  • Good oral and written communication skills