Data Analyst Job Description Template

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We have an open position for a data analyst in our organization. We are looking for people with a knack for patterns and the ability to tease out insights from empirical data.

As a data analyst you will be combing through raw, unstructured and structured data looking for trends and patterns. You will be compiling reports, developing forecast models and providing guidance on business decisions. You must possess good communication and analysis skills and some experience with data analysis tools.


  • Compile, filter and analyze raw data from various sources
  • Develop processes for data collection and organization
  • Develop techniques to analyze and identify trends and patterns in large data sets
  • Create models and provide guidance on business decisions
  • Create reports and presentations on findings
  • Design, create and optimize database queries
  • Contribute towards optimization of business intelligence and data warehousing capabilities


  • Bachelor's degree in finance, economics, mathematics or computer science
  • Strong analytical skills and an affinity for number crunching
  • A high level of comfort with statistical tools and packages
  • Sound knowledge of data modeling and filtering techniques
  • Expertise in SQL, database systems and reporting tools
  • Ability to work independently or in a team with minimal supervision
  • Superlative written and verbal communication skills