Animator Job Description Template

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We are looking for a talented and driven animator to join our creative team. You will be collaborating with a lot of talented artists, designers and developers to produce amazing works of art. You will be responsible for producing realistic character and object animations. You will also assist with the conception and visualization of characters, effects and environment. To qualify for this job you must have extensive experience with one or more industry standard animation tools and a diverse portfolio of previous projects.


  • Interpret story boards and designs to create character and object animations
  • Collaborate with design and effects team to understand and integrate motion into models
  • Work with art directors and project leads to conceptualize and visualize character animations and effects
  • Create realistic and consistent animation
  • Rig models and optimize model geometry
  • Design animation and character state systems
  • Develop and optimize animation pipelines
  • Analyze and troubleshoot technical issues with animation tool chains/pipelines


  • Bachelor's degree or diploma in fine arts, animation or equivalent experience
  • Proven expertise with 2d and 3d animation packages such as Maya, 3DSMax, Motion Builder etc.
  • Knowledge of traditional arts, graphic design, anatomy, cinematography etc.
  • Extensive knowledge of principals of animation as they apply to motion, pacing, timing, camera, lighting etc.
  • Technical knowledge of computing requirements, hardware specifications, rendering engines, etc.
  • Firm grasp of animation pipelines and workflow
  • Must be a team player and must be able to work without supervision
  • Must be highly organized with excellent time management skills