Focused Interviews.

Interviews make or break your pipeline. enlist helps you conduct more focused interviews and get actionable data to move forward.

  • 1. Keep everyone on the same page

    Scheduling interviews, coordinating everything, and making sure everyone's on the same page can be tough. With enlist, you can give your interviewers the information they need so that they are prepared for the interview.

  • 2. Notify the right people

    When you schedule an interview, enlist will automatically notify the interviewers. If you happen to reschedule it, enlist will send an e-mail with the changes. And that's not it. enlist will — if you want — send an interview invitation to the candidate too.

  • 3. Get actionable information

    Most interviews are aimless. You don't know what you have to ask, so you make up questions. The result is that you don't get information that would help you make a good decision. And there's no consistency. It's a recipe for disaster. enlist helps you conduct more focused interviews. You can attach a feedback form to an interview which the interviewers will be asked to fill once they finish the interview. We'll also remind them if they forget about it.

  • 4. Score candidates

    Ensure everyone gets judged on the same yardstick by creating a scorecard that allows interviewers to rate candidates against preset criteria.