Move faster.

enlist's designed from the ground up to get out of your way and help you become more efficient at what you do.

  • 1. Bulk actions

    Send an e-mail to multiple candidates at once. Or move them to a difference stage at the same time.

  • 2. Automate things

    Create automated actions that trigger when an application reaches a stage. For instance, enlist can send a thank you e-mail or an e-mail to check availability for an interview automatically. It can also create interviews or send questionnaires by itself, saving you a ton of time.

  • 3. E-mail templates

    Typing out the same e-mail over and over again? Create an e-mail template and save yourself time. You can also add attachments to e-mail templates. That opens up a bunch of possibilities. You can send a take-home task with a PDF attached automatically, for example.

  • 4. Form templates

    Create reusable form templates to attach to an interview or send as a questionnaire. You can add many types of questions — single line response, multiple line response, dropdown, code, file upload, etc. — to a form.