Trying out an ATS for the first time?

Trying a new software is both exciting and a little scary. We'll try to make it easy for you to get started. enlist's pretty easy to use and you won't have to learn much, if anything, to manage your hiring with it. Here are a few things you should know.

1 Moving from e-mail

enlist will create a careers site for you where you can manage your jobs and applications. Instead of someone sending you their application via e-mail, they can apply via your careers site.

There are many benefits of this. For example, you can ask the questions you want right on a job's application form. You can also send a candidate an e-mail once they have applied, automatically.

2 Bringing your team in

Hiring is all about collaboration. enlist makes it really easy for you to bring everyone on your team in.

There are different roles that allow you to control what someone sees. It's also really easy to do the things like bring someone in a conversation with @mentions or ask someone for feedback on an interview.

3 Managing things

enlist allows you to set jobs up the way you want. You can create separate stages and assign them to different team members. When an application comes in, it goes to the 'New Applications' stage.

there, enlist helps you move fast. All new applications are listed together so you can review them and make a decision. It's also really easy to find things that need your attention, like a pending feedback, an e-mail from a candidate, or a mention in a note.

4 Interviewing

enlist also makes interviewing a whole lot better. It's easy to find who's free at a certain time. It's easy to schedule, reschedule, or cancel interviews. It's also easy to notify interviewers right before an interview.

Once an interview is over, interviewers are asked to submit their feedback which includes a scorecard for that interview. All of this results in much better and more focused interviews that drive you towards better hires.

5 Communicating with candidates

No matter what you are hiring for, you have to communicate with the candidates. enlist makes it simple to send and receive e-mails right inside the app. Once you send an e-mail via enlist, you can also continue it anywhere and enlist will keep a record of it.

Not only that, enlist helps you automate sending common e-mails. For example, if you want to send people an e-mail when they reach a certain stage — say when they didn't make it through — you can do so easily.

5 Support

If you have any questions, at any point of time, we're happy to help. Just drop us an e-mail at support@enlist.io and we will get back to you within a few hours.

While getting started, we can also help you import your existing jobs—from your website or anywhere else—into enlist and set everything up.