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enlist is an applicant tracking system that brings your hiring back in control. Collaborate with your team, communicate with your candidates, get more out of your interviews, automate what's repetitive, and make better decisions.

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Bring everything in one place.

Simplify your hiring process. Organize everything in one place, know what needs your attention, and move faster.

  • Organize applications

    No matter the stage, no matter the source, know where your applications are and what's next for them.

  • Stay on top of everything

    Never miss anything in your hiring pipeline. enlist finds what needs your attention so you don't have to.

  • Move faster

    Setup your jobs the way you want. Specify responsibilities for different team members. Automate what's repetitive.

 Organize your applications

Work better, together.

Hiring is all about teamwork. enlist helps your team work together to make better hiring decisions.

  • Bring everyone on board

    No matter the size of your team, you can have have everyone contribute with enlist.

  • Collaborate better

    Share your feedback on candidates with your team, ask for their feedback, and manage it all easily.

  • Notify someone

    Quickly notify a team member of something important with a simple @mention.

  • Keep everyone in the loop

    Notify the right people when anything important happens, automatically.

Communicate with candidates.

Send and receive emails inside enlist. Keep all your candidate communication in one place.

  • Send and receive emails

    Start a new conversation or respond to a candidate’s email from inside enlist.

  • Use email templates

    Sending the same email over and over again? Templates help you save yourself some time and work.

  • Send multiple emails at once

    Emailing several candidates at once? Easy. Just select them, write your email (or choose a template) and hit send.

 Communicate with candidates

Interview better.

Interviews make or break your pipeline. With enlist, you can conduct better, more focused interviews, and make better decisions.

  • Know who's available

    Look at others' schedule to avoid back & forth communication and clashes.

  • Prepare your interviewers

    Give interviewers the information they need to conduct better, more focused interviews.

  • Score candidates

    Score candidates against well-defined criteria so you can make better decisions, faster.

 Interview Calendar

Deliver a great candidate experience.

Welcome your candidates with an experience that’s delightful. enlist helps you create a job board that matches your brand in no time.

  • Accept applications anywhere—even on mobile
  • Ask anything you want on your application forms
  • Customize your careers site to match your brand and colors
  • Embed jobs on your own website
  • Get even more control with enlist's API
 Hosted Careers Site

Do a lot more.

It doesn't end there. enlist helps you with everything you want in an applicant tracking system.

  • Manage job openings efficiently

    Publish, pause, and close jobs easily. You have access to all you data even when the job is closed.

  • Bring your own workflows

    Your company is unique. So are your workflows. You can customize everything in enlist to suit your needs.

  • Automate the repetitive work

    Set up stage-triggered actions to automate repetitive parts of your job pipeline, like sending emails or questionnaires.

  • Search for anything, quick

    Need to find a candidate who applied six months ago and had a specific word in their resume? Easy.

  • Work on several applications at once

    Move candidates to a different stage or email them at once with bulk actions.

  • Get organised with tags

    Organize applications better by tagging them. Mix and match tags to filter applications.

  • Access Control

    When you bring your team members on board, you can decide who gets to see exactly what.

  • Export your data

    Export all your candidate data, including their resumes, anytime you want with a single click.

  • Get more information with questionnaires

    As candidates move through your pipeline, at times you may want some extra information from them. Questionnaires make that a breeze.

  • Understand your hiring processes

    Find which sources are working the best for you, which parts of your job pipeline are slowing you down with actionable hiring reports.

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